Calla Lily rental inventory sale!
$212.50 $425.00

Hand-Painted Reproduction Backdrops

$19.95 Flat Rate 2 way Shipping within the US.

Rentals: will be delivered on or before the first day of your rental period by the end of the business day.  Do not schedule a photoshoot on the first day of your rental period as we cannot guarantee a specific delivery time.


Size: 8X6

Material is 100% Wrinkle Free, fire retardant polyester which allows you to take out of the box, hang and photograph immediately without having to remove any wrinkles. 

The material can be machine washed on delicate cycle and line dried, but to prevent fading we recommend limited washing. 

The weight of the backdrop is less than 2 pounds for easy hanging, storage and transportation.

Backdrops are printed with an environmentally friendly latex ink printer which allows for consistent quality and color. Made & Printed in the USA.


Signature Backdrop Design:

Day Rate: $50 per day (applied to your credit card if backdrop is returned late).

1 Select your design:

Choose from our wide selection of Signature and Limited Edition Designs. Limited Editions are best rented far in advance as we only have a few of each hand signed and numbered design left in our inventory.

2 Choose your timeframe:

Decide when it arrives. It is best to schedule a delivery date 1-2 days before your photo shoot. 3 day rentals are usually plenty of time for a single shoot. Weekly and Monthly rentals allow you more time for test shoots or to photograph multiple sessions or mini session events.

3 Return for free:

It’s easy! Use the included packaging and label to return your backdrop. Simply bring it to your local USPS or drop box by noon on your return date.

If your return date is a Sunday or holiday, mail it by 12pm the next business day. We handle cleaning and preparing the drop for the next renter!

Late Fees:

Unreturned backdrops will be charged the following rates:

Signature backdrop $50 per day after your return date Limited Edition Backdrops $65 per day after your return date

Your card will be charged the daily rate until 200% of the total value of the backdrop is reached, at which point you may keep the backdrop. Late fees are in addition to the rental fee of the product. If you have not returned a rental item within 30 days after the return date, your late return will be considered a non-return and Heidi Hope Backdrops will charge your credit card or debit card the maximum late fee (200% of retail value), less any fees plus applicable sales tax that you have already paid.